East Midlands Advertising - Where We Deliver

East Midlands Advertising Area Map East Midlands local advertisers are served by the 6 editions of the Rural Trader.

Just click below to select the area(s) of the East Midlands you are interested in advertising to, and see the towns and villages you can target – or email Rural Trader today to discover how well your business could succeed in this area.

Advertising Areas covered by the Rural Trader are:

Your advert could be delivered to:

  • a total circulation, across the 6 areas, of over 58,400 homes and businesses
  • 150 villages in predominantly affluent, rural, hard to reach areas

Remember, if you occassionally need something more than just the advert in a magazine then, Rural Trader also provide a leaflet drop service. Only ever one leaflet per edition – to avoid the confetti experience inflicted by some magazines and newspapers. Call us now for more information 01509 814448.

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