Leaflet Drop

Leaflet Drop – Getting your sales message on the right doormat

In Summary…

  • Solus delivery each month…just your leaflet to ensure maximum impact
  • Extensive, door to door delivery back-checks
  • Predominantly affluent, rural, hard to reach areas
  • Pick & choose the villages you want your leaflet delivered to…minimum is just 2,000
  • £50 + VAT per thousand or 5p+ VAT per leaflet. 10% discount if you are a regular advertiser or you book 3 leaflet drops
  • Distributors are paid an additional fee because we don’t believe in slave labour

Your leaflet could be here…

East Midlands Advertising Area

Call 01509 814448 today to discuss getting your leaflet in the hands of your target customers

Getting a Leaflet or Advertising Flyer in front of your target audience is easy. Getting it read may not be!

Ever had a free newspaper come through the door and had to scrabble around on your hands and knees tidying up all of the paper which falls out when you pick it up?

How did that make you feel – frustrated?
How about just getting one leaflet at a time? More likely to read it? Definitely!
Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee exclusivity – that is we will only deliver one leaflet per month, not a forest of papers that are likely to get scooped up and thrown in the bin!

In our experience, your potential customers are far more likely to read your leaflet if it is the only loose sheet that comes through their letterbox.

Businesses considering a leaflet distribution campaign generally want to know the following:

How do I know the leaflet was delivered?

  • After each and every delivery of the Rural Trader we ‘back-check’ a cross-section of delivery rounds.

We don’t just phone round because we all know how sick and tired we get of telesales people calling in the middle of Coronation Street – people will say anything to get them off the phone!.

We physically go out to the towns and villages, armed with a copy of the latest magazine and whatever leaflet we’ve delivered that month and knock on as many doors as is necessary to check the magazine has been delivered.

If we’re delivering your leaflet with the magazine, we up the ante and check even more delivery rounds so you can be assured we do everything possible to ensure you get the coverage you pay for.

Can I control where my leaflet / flyer is delivered?

  • Yes, you can pick and choose where we deliver your leaflets.

Every month we deliver over 58,000 Rural Trader magazines to almost 150 towns & villages across Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

Providing you have a minimum delivery of 2,000 leaflets, just tell us which villages you want them delivering to and we’ll gladly oblige.

How much will it cost me?

  • The cost of leaflet delivery obviously depends on how many leaflets we deliver for you.

We’re not the cheapest out there but because of the way we operate we believe we will maximise your return and prove to be the most cost-effective delivery service you’ll find.

Our distributors are our own people – we don’t employ companies or agencies to carry out such a key task. We currently have over 80 distributors who deliver their own round(s) month in month out.

We don’t believe in slave labour.

The distributors are well paid for what they do and unlike some of our competitors, we pay them an extra fee if they are delivering your leaflet. Distributor turnover is extremely low and indeed some of our distributors have been delivering the Rural Trader since it began in 1998.

So, what’s the bottom line? Leaflet delivery costs 5p per leaflet (£50 per thousand).

If you are a Rural Trader customer and have advertised with us on 3 or more occasions in the last 6 months you will receive 10% DISCOUNT.

We will need your leaflets at the Rural Trader office, ready stapled/folded if necessary, 48 hours prior to delivery. So as not to miss out have a look at the leaflet drop & magazine distribution dates . If you give us enough notice we may be able to collect them. Maximum weight per leaflet is 20 grams.

Please note that some of the leaflet distribution figures shown are less than our total distribution figure for that edition of the Rural Trader. This is because on some editions we deliver a high number to pubs/clubs/GP surgeries and other places where there is a captive audience. However, we have no desire to take advantage of the good nature of those businesses who allow us to leave multiple copies, so do not deliver leaflets to their premises.

If you are interested in using our leaflet drop service, or have any questions, please call Phyl or Chris today on 01509 814448 to discuss how you can win more business.

If you are thinking of benefiting from the extra custom a Rural Trader leaflet distribution will bring why not maximise the return by advertising in the Rural Trader too?

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