Ad Request Form

Please complete the form below if you would like us to design an advert you. There is no charge for this & there is no obligation to proceed.

Once you hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the form you will receive an email showing what you typed in. If you don’t receive this email from us – we will not have received your request – please try again or call us on 01509 814448

Please select the Advert Size & Colouring you want (default 3rd of a Page Colour)

If you wish to use your own artwork we can accept almost any format.

We work in CMYK in CorelDraw but you can send us a hi-res PDF or files created in Quark Express, Illustrator, Freehand, PageMaker, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Photoshop. You can also send a hi-res (min 300dpi) JPEG, TIFF or PNG file.

THANKS! For more details about the Rural Trader contact Phyl on 01509 814448