Advert Design

The Basics of Ad Design

You can provide your own complete advert or we can design it for you at no extra cost.

Advert designs vary enormously and what draws the attention of one person may not appeal to the next – your advert is your shop window but not everybody who walks by will be tempted by the display!

Obviously what you put on your advert is entirely up to you but the following list should give you a few pointers about what you might like to include or not include:

Company Name – don’t worry though if your business doesn’t have a name. Many advertisers without a business name have had a fantastic response to their adverts.

Logos – again, not everybody has a logo but if you do, perhaps on your business cards, letterheads or van, you might want to include it for consistency. Also if you are a member of a trade association or professional body you may want to add that to your ad.

Phone Numbers – we would recommend that you include a landline & mobile number where possible. Understandably, some people are suspicious of just a mobile number and your landline will help to reassure them you are local and/or have a permanent base. In our experience, customers are also wary of just freephone numbers.

Address – this is a tricky one. Publishing your address may suggest to potential customers that you are honest, upfront and have complete faith in the service you offer…to others it may suggest that you don’t mind them knocking on the door at 10 o’clock at night pleading for your services!

Images/Pictures – images can readily depict what you do. Advertisers choose whether or not to have images/pictures on their ads for various reasons. Some feel it’s not necessary or even inappropriate and prefer to fill the space with text, for example job vacancies. Others, want potential customers to know what they do without even reading a word, so gardeners may have a picture of a lawnmower, gas engineers a boiler. Depending on what you do, you might want pictures of your own work or perhaps even a picture of yourself.

Email Address – on average, we receive around 50-60 emails a day in the Rural Trader office so we’re convinced that there’s a significant number of people out there who would prefer to contact you in the same way. Most of our emails are enquiries about circulation, prices, deadline dates and the like but they allow the enquirer relative anonymity and save them the embarrassment if they decide not to proceed further. If you have an email address and you check it regularly we suggest you put it on the ad for the increasing number of people who prefer not to pick up the phone.

Website Address – if you have a website that tells or shows the customer more about what you do and/or allows them to buy your product or service include it in your ad. If however you have a website that is outdated, poor quality or doesn’t tell them anything they don’t know from your advert, don’t bother!

Contact Name – not all advertisers put a name in their ad but putting your first name in can make you or your company appear more friendly, for example, ‘call John for further details’. Some advertisers put their full name but it really is up to you.

Text – if you advertise in the Rural Trader the price you pay is for a box ad regardless of how much or how little text you put in it. In our experience ads with just the key points rather than masses of text appear to be more effective. You may want to consider some key words or phrases if they apply to you, such as ‘free quotes’, ‘prompt’, ‘professional’, ‘reliable’, ‘competitive’.

Special Offers/Discounts – if you offer discount to OAPs or Rural Trader Readers, say so on your ad.